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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Bernie Sanders needs to stop feeding his young supporters a line that he can still win the nomination.  Hillary won more states than he did, she won more open primaries than he did, she has 3 million more votes than he does, she has more pledged delegates, and the super delegates (who are mostly supporting her)  have no reason to reverse the will of the voters and choose Sanders.

She needs 92 delegates to clinch the nomination.  She'll get those delegates on June 7, even if she loses every primary that day.  And it's not likely that she'll lose in New Jersey and California,  the two biggest states voting that day.

He needs to take leadership here and quell any future violent outbursts like the one that rocked the Nevada convention, or this summer in Philly we could see a repeat of Chicago 1968.

The whole purpose of this run for the nomination was to gain political clout, to be able to influence the direction of the Democratic Party.

If he pushes too hard, if he damages Clinton, he's going to be a very lonely man when he returns to Capitol Hill.

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