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Monday, April 18, 2016

The dress

It must have been sometime in 2007 that I bought it.  A black dress with a muted print, tea length, with long, sheer sleeves.  the kind of dress you wear for an evening out.  I'd just lost 70 pounds and wanted to celebrate.  It wasn't an expensive dress, but it was lovely, and I just knew I'd find a reason to wear it eventually.

But the right occasion never came along.  And after I gained back the weight, the dress got shoved into the back of my closet.

And then a few months ago, Drew said to me, "Let's plan a dinner cruise around Manhattan."  And I said, "It sounds like a lot of fun."

And then, a couple of weeks ago, he told me that the boat had a dress code:  Collared shirts for gentlemen (jackets requested).  For women, cocktail wear, a dress or dressy-casual attire.  Dark or dressy Jeans are acceptable. However, we strongly recommend no casual jeans, t-shirts, shorts, athletic shoes or flip flops at any time.

And I went shopping in my own closet.

Yes, it fit.


bookworm said...

Closet shopping is so much fun. I'm so happy I kept stuff from before I gained the weight I gained (and then managed to lose a couple of years ago.) As for the age of the stuff - let's just say I now have a vintage collection of blouses with shoulder pads. I had a flapper like red dress - wonder if it fits me again. You look like you're having a good time in that black dress. Alana

songbird's crazy world said...

That's great! And yes, it was fun.

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