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Thursday, April 28, 2016

songbird loves the 80's: I want my MTV

Prince's death last week brought back a lot of memories.

In the 1980's, MTV was synonymous with "music television".   Insstead of a DJ spinning records on a radio station, we had a new art form:  VJ's would present music videos.  By 194,watching MTV was like "watching" a Top 40 radio station.  Everyone knew the catchphrase:  "I want my MTV".

This was the heyday of the music video.  We could see Michael Jackson dance his way through "Thriller".  .  Madonna was decked out like Marilyn Monroe as she sang "Material Girl".  Billy Joel dressed as a mechanic while singing "uptown girl". Weird Al's parodies were funnier because of the visuals. To this day, when I hear Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time", I see her bright red hair and partially shaven head..  The wonderful Claymation of Peter Gabriel's  "Sledge Hammer"...

And coming full circle:  The slogan was incorporated into a music video.  Props to Dire Straights...


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bookworm said...

I love 80's music. Our car has Sirius XM radio, and I listen to their 80's "1st wave" station when I am in control of the radio. Fortunately, video did not kill the radio star. Alana

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