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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

another this and that

So I'm loving my workouts at Planet Fitness.    I don't have a workout buddy, which means I go at my own convenience, and work out at my own pace. 

But I was kind of looking forward to my work out date with Becca.  Becca usually works out in the gym at her apartment building, but she was coming home for Passover...

And then she ditched me.  Went to work out with David-who-is-not-her-boyfriend.  (Yes, sweetie, I believe you when you tell me you and David are "just friends", as if all those years of being boyfriend and girlfriend never happened.)  So she went to David's gym to work out.  And the next day, after considerable "girl drama", she took a yoga class with Angela.

Jen has been taking yoga every week.  she goes with one of her friends, I think.  I'm happy she found a class that gives her a good workout without risking injury.  She was so upset last summer, when she blew out her knee in an adult gymnastics class. 

I actually looked at the class schedules of a couple of local yoga studios.  I've tried yoga on my own, using DVD's.  I'm not sure I'm ready for an actual class, though. 

And then I found myself on the website for the JCC again.  I used to belong to the JCC, but let my membership lapse.  The fitness center offers all the same equipment as I'm using at Planet Fitness, but they also have an indoor track, an Olympic sized pool, and a hot tub.  In the  old days I'd walk on the track, do some recreational swimming, and relax in the hot tub.  What's drawing me back is the promise of free yoga classes, and aqua aerobic classes for a small additional fee.

 Planet Fitness has a location near my house and a location near Drew's house, but if I joined the JCC I'd be more or less restricted to my home location.  Decisions, decisions.

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