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Saturday, April 30, 2016

I love it....

So we've finally reached the end of Passover.  Tonight we can go back to our normal way of eating.

So yeah, I think I was just a bit obsessed with Passover this year.  It was an interesting holiday.

Remember when I posted about our  family's Passover heirloom?  A Seder plate bought by my grandparents, used at every Seder my father lead, as far back as I can remember.


The back of the plate bears the inscription:  BARDIGER, London, and TEPPER, London with a circular seal that says, Manufactured by Ridgway England

My sister found the same plate, but in blue, on eBay

Here's what it looks like:

They have it listed for $350. I saw another blue one listed for $175, don't remember which auction site that was.

So I did a little research.

This design was first registered by Ridgways, the Staffordshire manufacturer of the plate, in 1923.
 (I thought it was earlier than that, I thought the plate was made before WW I.)

"Bardiger" is a retailer mark for Solomon Bardiger's china shop, which was  at 180 Brick Lane, London. Solomon was a Ukrainian immigrant (just like my grandparents who bought the plate!).  He came to England in 1890 and traded in a wide variety of goods, but became most well known for his Judaica table wares. It was he who commissioned Ridgways to make the plate

I found it in black as well, listed for $72.

I even found another red one.   And they also made a separate plate to hold the matzo.

In fact, it's a museum piece.  Or rather, cousin to a museum piece.  One of the blue plates found its way into the Brooklyn Children's Museum.  Another made it into the Spurlock Museum of World Cultures in Illinois.

It's nice to know that our heirloom, too precious to sell, does have value to someone else as well.


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