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Friday, April 15, 2016

a woman on a mission

Passover is a week away.

Since "kosher for Passover" products have very limited appeal after the holiday is over, the supermarkets order only a limited supply of such products.  You have to stock up on the nonperishables well in advance of the holiday, or you take the chance that you won't be able to find everything you need.

So Wednesday night I donned my combat gear and headed for my favorite supermarket.  This store has a huge Passover aisle, you can find almost anything you want.

The five pound package of Streit's matzos?  check.  Matzo farfel, matzo meal, potato starch?  Check.   Kosher for Passover ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard?  Check.  Gefilte fish (we like the frozen kind, you cook it yourself and it tastes freshly made)?  Check.  Macaroons?  Check.


Houston, we have a problem. 

There was a lot of candy available, but they were all sold out of  Barton's Seder Mints.

Barton's Seder Mints are Jen's favorite Passover candy.  The holiday wouldn't be the same without them.  The peppermint patties sitting next to the empty spot on the shelf would be a poor substitute for the real thing.

I bought the peppermint patties, but I was not happy. 

Do you know they sell Barton's Seder Mints on Amazon?  I didn't either, until I checked it out Wednesday night.  Unfortunately, the product was marked "currently unavailable."  Can't imagine why.

And then I realized...

There's another supermarket in my neighborhood.  I never do my Passover shopping there, they have a very small selection.   Maybe...?

Well, they are sold out of Barton's Seder Mints.  Now.

When I got there yesterday morning, they had four boxes of Seder Mints.

Now I have four boxes of Seder Mints.


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