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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Passover is coming

The first Seder is April 22.

And it's bringing up a whole bunch of issues for me, both practical and emotional. 

Today I discuss the practical.

I am a modern Jew.  I belong to a synagogue and observe many of the rituals of my faith, but I also live in a secular world.  I don't keep kosher.  My mother kept a kosher house when I was growing up, but we ate non kosher foods outside of the home.  So it was never that important to me.

But on Passover, everything changes.  I guess the symbolism of keeping kosher and adhering to the additional food restrictions of Passover is a way to bring the practical and the spiritual together.  Once we were slaves, and we were forced to depart from Egypt in haste, before the dough for our bread had a chance to rise.  So we reenact the Exodus, we avoid leavened foods and eat only matzo.

Which leaves you scrambling to find substitutes for things you normally eat.

Being told "no" makes me feel deprived, even if I have a full plate of food in front of me. 

And a lot of my "go-to" foods, the things I have been eating while losing weight, are on the "Not for Passover" list.

but I am being smart this year.

I am already looking for recipes that meet the religious restrictions of Passover that are also tasty and low in calories.

And in any event, it' s only 8 days.

I think I can survive.

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