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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dinner cruise

So...our dinner cruise...

Bateaux New York Cruises

Take in 180-degree skyline views from Bateaux’s curved glass ceiling and walls. Seduce your senses with delicious cuisine, live band entertainment and exceptional service.
  • Two climate-controlled dining rooms that can be adjoined or separated
  • Centrally-located hardwood dance floor and full service bar
  • Two outdoor decks offering wide-open views of Manhattan
  • Three-course plated menu featuring delicious, contemporary cuisine

Dinner first.  I had a very nice glass of chardonnay.  Drew ordered an amaretto Collins.  He received some sort of amaretto cocktail, not quite what he asked for, but it tasted good.  We enjoyed dipping our onion dinner rolls in the herb-infused olive oil.  Drew chose the duck pastrami appetizer -- small, tasty slices of cured duck meat.  The field greens in my goat cheese and beet salad would have benefitted from a vinaigrette dressing, but the candied pecans were very tasty.  Drew also enjoyed a shrimp cocktail -- large, fresh shrimp served with a sriracha cocktail sauce.  My maple and mustard glazed chicken breast was tender and tasty, and Drew really enjoyed the braised short ribs and mashed potatoes.  Desserts were decadent -- Drew had warm butter cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I had salted caramel cake with a chocolate ganache. 

We didn't get up to dance, but we did enjoy the live band.  we found ourselves singing along at times.

But of course, the most important part of the experience is the actual cruise.

The boat sails from Chelsea Piers, a sports and entertainment center on the West Side.

Yes, that's the Empire State Building:

We sailed at 7:00, just a short time before sunset.  I was able to capture the sun setting behind the Hoboken skyline.

The route takes you up the Hudson, as far north as the USS Intrepid. 

That's Jersey City -- my home away from home at my former place of employment:


The famous Colgate Clock:

The World Financial Center in the foreground, One World Trade Center in the background.  A phoenix rising from the ashes:

Then you sail south on the Hudson to the harbor.

Ellis Island:

The Statue of Liberty:

The Verrazano  Narrows Bridge:

Saw the Staten Island Ferry:

You sail  around the tip of Manhattan and into the East River.  You travel under the Brooklyn Bridge and then the Manhattan Bridge, but stop before reaching the Williamsburg Bridge.

Then turn around and sail into the harbor once more. 

The highlight of the cruise comes as you approach Liberty Island. The lights are dimmed, the band solemnly plays patriotic music, and the boat stops so that you can see the Statue of Liberty up close and personal.  I've lived here all my life, I've seen the statue many times, and yet it still inspires me.

And after a beautiful 3 hours on the water, you return to Chelsea Piers.  As you disembark you're offered a  warm chocolate chip cookie to sustain you on the trip home.

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