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Friday, April 29, 2016

NYC afternoon

I used to work in lower Manhattan, used to spend 40+ hours a week in the neighborhood.  And when you're there all the time, you can forget how special the neighborhood is, how tourists come from all over the world to see what's in your back yard. 

These days my office is on Long island, close to home.  But my client is in lower Manhattan, and occasionally I have meetings in the city.  And after one such meeting, about a week ago, I had some time to revisit some of the sites of the city. 

Wall Street, as seen from Broadway:

 photo 20160419_152253.jpg

The New York Stock Exchange:

 photo 20160419_152429.jpg

The Trump Building at 40 Wall Street:

 photo 20160419_152555.jpg

Federal Hall:

 photo 20160419_153229.jpg

President Washington:

 photo 20160419_153306.jpg

I visited an old friend in Liberty Street Park. He sits with his briefcase on the corner of Liberty Street and Church Street, across from the World Trade Center complex. He has a brother in Jersey City, at the Jercsey City 9/11 Memorial:

 photo 20160419_161638.jpg

The reflecting pool where the South Tower (Two World Trade Center) once stood:

 photo 20160419_162242.jpg

One World Trade Center:

 photo 20160419_162302.jpg


bookworm said...

It's been - perhaps 10 years? - since I've been that far downtown. And four years since I've been in Manhattan. I enjoyed your pictures. Had no idea Trump had a building down there - could the lettering on the front of the building be any bigger? (no surprise there). I worked on on West Broadway at a college summer job, and my dad worked on lower Broadway. I used to eat lunch in City Hall Park and occasionally in Chinatown. Alana

songbird's crazy world said...

Yeah, Trump has buildings all over the city. I used to go to a deli/buffet restaurant at 40 Wall, it was called Mangia.

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