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Monday, April 11, 2016

patron of the arts

One of our favorite places is The Tilles Center, a performing arts venue on the campus of LIU/CW Post.  We found ourselves there last Saturday to see Michael Feinstein in concert.

Feinstein is a singer, pianist and musical revivalist.  Back in the 70's he worked for Ira Gershwin, cataloguing all of Gershwin's music. By the 80's he gained fame as a cabaret singer, focusing on The Great American Songbook.

The last time Feinstein was at the Tilles Center, he performed an entire evening of Gershwin music.  Great show.  this time around, he included a lot of music by Jerry Herman, Jerome Kern, Sondheim...there was a tribute to Sammy Davis Jr., and one to Frank Sinatra.  And he spoke about his celebrity friends, past and present:  Peter Allen, Liza Minelli, Rosemary Clooney.  

Wonderful show, great music that endures.

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bookworm said...

I love Gershwin. What a musical genius both the Gershwin brothers were. Would have enjoyed that concert. Alana

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