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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Who is she?

Who is that attractive young woman in the pretty dress, putting on her makeup and dashing out the door to catch a train?  Who is she, the one headed off to work in the city?  Who is she, the one spending so much time on her smartphone, chatting with friends, planning a get-together, a day trip, a vacation?  The one searching with the same relentless energy for a new purse, an apartment, a career path, love?

I am so proud of this young woman, but sometimes I barely recognize her.  In my mind I'm still seeing the baby I held in my arms for the first time 23 years ago today.  I'm looking for the little girl who loved dolls and books and Disney movies.  The teenager worried about being popular and whether she would get into a good college. The wonderful, amazing grown up person I see today....she's the embodiment of the hopes and dreams I had 23 years ago, the very first time she looked at me and smiled. 

Happy birthday, Becca.  May this be an amazing year, and may you find the things you're looking for.

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