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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I'm enjoying my walks. 

Lately I've been walking in Drew's neighborhood. It's hard to walk very far in my own neighborhood, there a big hills and no sidewalks, so I tend to stay close to home.  But Drew's neighborhood is different, I can point myself in any direction and walk and walk and walk....

You can see all sorts of houses in the neighborhood, from the tiny dwellings built in the late 1940's and early 1950's to the modern McMansions.  One day I came across a tiny red house, a 1949-ish single story building that hadn't been updated at all since the day it was built.  Right across the street was the largest McMansion I'd seen in that neighborhood,  with dormer windows on the third floor.  They just didn't seem to belong on the same street.

When you walk, you can really see the details of each lawn or garden.  Some people have fences, some do not.  There are religious statues, garden gnomes, planters, birdbaths.  Porch furniture, even swings.  One time I saw a woman sitting on her porch, doing woodwork with a power saw.

You'll see kids on their bikes, or playing ball.  I walked down to the school and saw a guy running around the track.  I also walked as far as the community pool -- the water looked so tempting, but I'm not a member there.  Besides, I didn't have my bathing suit.

One day, as I was walking past the apartment complex, I was "attacked" by an overly-friendly dog.  Medium sized dog, a mutt but predominantly basset hound, he did not  obey my commands to "get down", but jumped all over me like I was his long lost friend.  His owner apologized, he apparently pulled the leash right out of her hands.

And then thee was the time I saw a bunny crossing the road.  There's seldom any traffic in the neighborhood, but as luck would have it, he crossed just as a car was coming. He came thisclose to being roadkill. Got his fluffy tail out of the road just in the nick of time.

I have a good sense of direction, I always seem to be able to find my way back to Drew's house.  Though I did get lost once, walked a bit further than I intended.  But my map/navigation app got me back on track.

I guess I'll keep walking here.

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