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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Product review -- Bumblebee Sensations Spicy Thai Chili Tuna Medley


So, in search of different combinations of lunch foods to keep in my desk, I decided to try Spicy Thai Chili Tuna.

Sorry, but I didn't really care for it.

The kit comes with a single serve can of tuna, buttery crackers and a small plastic spoon.  Inside the can, the tuna is topped with a whole chili pepper.  The tuna appears very, very pink because of the chili seasoning.  It's got a little bit of a kick, but it's not overwhelmingly spicy.  You can taste the tuna, the seasoning is not overpowering.

It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't good.   I threw out half the can.  I won't be buying it again.

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