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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Another This and That

It's been a bit hectic at work.  Remember what I said about "picking up the slack"?  The guys who were laid off are long gone, and I'm struggling to get up to speed on a whole bunch of new files. But I'm still loving this job, enjoying working so close to home.

After such a hectic time last weekend -- a ball game, a movie, a show and a party -- I'm kind of looking forward to a quiet weekend, catching up on the DVR and some  DVD's.  .  But on the other hand, Drew's suggestion that we visit on of Long Island's historical sites sounds intriguing, too.  We will see how the day develops.

I watched a bit of yesterday's Parade of Champions.  A ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes.  This was in honor of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team and their World Cup victory.  Saw an interview with some fans, girls who play soccer, girls from the town where I live.  It was interesting to see confetti flying through lower Manhattan.

I used to go to ticker tape parades when I worked in lower Manhattan. I remember the Vietnam Vets, the 86 Mets,  several Yankees teams, and John Glenn.  You get a better view on TV, but being there is so exciting, standing in a crowd of screaming, cheering New Yorkers as confetti falls from the sky.

We had really good cake for Becca's birthday -- blackout cake.  Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, paradise. 

But the cake we had the day before Becca's birthday was her one-year anniversary at her job, so my very clever sisters bought a cake decorated with Becca's business card.  The bakery scanned the image and recreated the business card  in icing and fudge.   Becca waited until we had eaten the part with her office phone number before she took a picture to post on Instagram, she didn't want to advertise her direct dial to the entire world.

And yes, I did have cake.  The Weight Watchers slogan:  "Of course I eat it all, just not all at once."  At my Weight Watchers weigh-in I was down .2 pound.  Considering I thought I might have gained a bit, I''ll celebrate even this tiny loss.  I think what made the difference was the walking.  I do try to keep my Fitbit happy, you know.

Remember my goal to read more?  I haven't been keeping up with it.  But that's about to change. Go Set A Watchman will be published on Tuesday, and I already ordered it for my nook.  I read To Kill A Mockingbird when I was in high school, and I reread the book when Jen was in high school and her English class was reading it.  I always loved Harper lee's style.  I've read the first chapter of the new book, it was published on line yesterday, and I am already entranced. 

I've always thought it was ironic that the child who struggled in school is the one who now works in a school.   I reread Mockingbird because Jen was having issues with her English class.  I can laugh about it now, because Jen's degree is in ENGLISH.

She's really enjoying summer school this year.  She works one-on-one with a special needs student.  He was in her classroom during the school year, so they had a rapport even before she started working with him.  She comes home tired, of course, but it's a very different tired than when she worked at the day camp.

Drew is enjoying his summer off.  Though he is keeping himself busy with errands -- doctor's appointments, getting his paperwork done for retirement, taking care of Marvin. 

He finally managed to get the information about Marvin's bank accounts, so he can cash Marvin's Social Security check and buy a few necessities for him; Marvin needs new sneakers and a belt.  His stuff went missing the last time the nursing home sent him to the hospital.  Unfortunately, Marvin's wedding ring, and his late wife's wedding ring, disappeared as well.  The shoes are replaceable, the rings, obviously, are not.

So we're both looking forward to the "staycation" at the end of the month.  Several day trips are in the planning stages.  Should be fun.

Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom.  July is dressed up and playing her tune...

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