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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack...

Yes, another Ducks game.

This time, the visiting team was the York Revolution. And the promotion was a Ducks baseball cap, but only for the first 1500 fans. The catch was, the gates opened an hour early to accommodate a charity softball game.

So we got to see a local police department play the employees of a charity that provides programming and activities for autistic children. Proceeds of that night's 50-50 raffle went to that charity.

It's a very nice cap.

 photo 20150723_170020.jpg
It was national hot dog day, so of course I had one.

Quackerjack was having fun with a water gun that night.

 photo 20150723_203808.jpg photo 20150723_203729.jpg And it's always a good thing when your team wins.

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