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Sunday, July 26, 2015


A prime example of not realizing what you've got until it's gone, of taking things for granted ...

I really love to swim.  When I was a child I went to day camp, and we went swimming twice a day, every day, so long as the weather permitted.  I was in my teens when my parents installed an in-ground pool in our back yard, making the water oh-so-accessible.  When Jen and Becca were children, I joined the Y, so that we could have access to an indoor pool all year long.

but ...

We haven't opened our back yard pool since 2011.  My father was ill for most of the summer of 2012, he was in the hospital or rehab most of the summer.  2013 was a repeat of 2012.  And since then, while my father has been at home one has the time to do the work necessary for making the pool swimmable, not to mention the fact that a pool is expensive -- you need the chemicals to keep the water clean, and running the filter and heater really hike up  your utilities bills.

And since I let my Y membership lapse a few years ago, well, the only time I've had a chance to swim has been while on vacation. 

Until now.

Drew joined his community pool.  So now I have access to cool, clear water again...

What simple thing.  What a wonderful thing.

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