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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I am starting to develop an appreciation of the comedic  talents of Melissa McCarthy.  We recently saw Spy, a parody of the James Bond type of espionage thriller.  McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a desk-bound CIA agent, the "voice in the ear" of glamorous spy Bradley Fine (Jude Law).  When Fine is killed in the line of duty, Susan becomes a field agent and sets out to complete Fine's mission. 

All the elements of a spy thriller are there -- the movie is set in Paris, Rome and Budapest, there are scenes in casinos and aboard private jets.  The villains are sophisticated.  Expensive cars get wrecked. 

But there are also jokes about bodily functions, vermin infiltrating the office environment, middle aged cat ladies.  And an incredibly over the top performance by Jason Statham as a CIA agent who thinks Susan is not capable of handling the mission.

Definitely a fun movie, worth seeing.

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