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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Torta Fina Bake Shoppe

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I had visited Torta Fina many years ago, and at the time I did not care for it.  But recently I have heard great things about this place, and thought I should give it a try.

A small storefront located in a busy strip mall, this is a very small shop for a bakery.  A sign on the counter indicates that most of the baking is done on site.  The cakes and pastries are displayed in three small cases.  Selection is somewhat limited.

We ordered three different items.  All three were very attractively presented.  Mini cannoli were a perfect balance of crispiness in the shell and sweetness in the cream.  Chocolate dipped strawberries -- the berries were sweet and juicy, and the chocolate was smooth and rich.

But the main event was the double chocolate mousse cake. This was a very tall concoction composed of chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse, with a chocolate frosting on top and a thin layer of chocolate on the sides. 

The cake and pastries did not disappoint.  Another bakery to add to our "go to" list.

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