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Friday, April 21, 2017

Museum of the American Revolution

So, as you may recall, Drew is a semi-retired teacher -- after many years teaching high school social studies, he retired from full-time teaching and took on a job as  a substitute teacher (less stress). His passion is American history.  And my undergraduate degree is in history.  So of course we find ourselves visiting historical sites, and joining organizations that promote knowledge of history.

We attended a "members only" event at the Museum of the American Revolution on April 15, 2017, a few day before the museum's official opening on April 19 (242 years to the day since "the shot heard round the world").  The museum had a formal opening ceremony, which included all sorts of pomp and circumstance, including a presentation by former Vice President Biden; the ceremonies were covered by local TV stations.  I would have loved to attend the ceremonies, but had to be content with the museum visit.

Since the members-only preview was a special event, we got to enjoy costumed characters, a chance to pose for souvenir photos, and indulge in light refreshments, while we waited for our timed tickets to become valid so that we could head upstairs to the exhibits.

 photo Photobot3000-04-15-2017-11-01-37-2ff6c882-3dc0-48ea-a7a5-1539371bcd7d-2.jpg

It's a totally immersive experience, which includes films, costumed mannequins, artwork and collections of ordinary objects.  The galleries take you from the origins of the colonists' grievances  to revolution and the building of a new nation, from the French and Indian War through the signing of the Constitution.

You see a lot of artifacts relating to tea...

 photo AMBA0052.jpg

Muskets and powder horns are in abundance. Drew joked that he had "musket envy".

 photo AMBA0055.jpg

 photo AMBA0072.jpg

 photo AMBA0061.jpg

George Washington breaking up a fight.

 photo AMBA0067.jpg

This is Washington's tent:

 photo AMBA0097.jpg

Yes, this is the tent used by George Washington for sleeping and as an office in the years he was a general.

A great museum.  My one complaint?  It took me about 2 1/2 hours to see the galleries, and there was no real place to stop and take a break.

But I am glad we joined, and I hope to be coming back to see the exhibits again.


Liz A. said...

Sounds like a great place to visit.

peppylady (Dora) said...

One thing I've wonder about the revolutionary war is...How many didn't choice a side, it just didn't make a different to them.
I have relative fought in the revolutionary war, my great grand ma was a member of the daughter of the revolutionary war.
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