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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell

If you do nothing else in the historic district  of Philadelphia, you must see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, symbols of our country.  Independence Hall was the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and the site of the Constitutional Convention in 1789.

You need timed tickets to enter Independence Hall.  The tickets are free, but we paid a small service charge to order ours in advance.  The timed tour takes you into the two main rooms of Independence Hall -- the room where Congress met, and the court room across the hall.  Also on site is Congress Hall, where Congress met when Philadelphia was the capital of the United States, and a small museum with rotating exhibits -- we saw an exhibit on the Peales, artists who painted many portraits in colonial times and ultimately opened an art museum in Philadelphia.

Independence Hall:

 photo AMBA0103.jpg

George Washington:

 photo AMBA0106.jpg

Congress Hall

 photo AMBA0112.jpg

 photo b3c879ea-76fc-40eb-82f9-687dbc4455cf.jpg

The court room

 photo AMBA0119.jpg

 photo AMBA0120.jpg

 photo AMBA0129.jpg

And the room where it all happened.

 photo AMBA0131_1.jpg

 photo AMBA0135.jpg

 photo IMG_0498_1.jpg

Inside Congress Hall, the House and the Senate had separate chambers. The House:

 photo AMBA0150.jpg

The Senate, and conference rooms:

 photo AMBA0157.jpg

 photo AMBA0168.jpg

 photo AMBA0173.jpg

 photo AMBA0176.jpg

Entrance to the Liberty Bell

 photo AMBA0187.jpg

 photo AMBA0191.jpg

 photo b3c877d2-a04a-44d7-bda8-091b9daf32b2.jpg

 photo IMG_0505.jpg

 photo IMG_0510.jpg

And at night:

 photo 20170416_202405.jpg


Liz A. said...

Congress Hall looks small.

songbird's crazy world said...

the whole country was small in 1790, Congress didn't need a lot of room.

peppylady (Dora) said...

wow you got to visit a place where history was made.
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