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Thursday, April 27, 2017

another this and that -- the Philadelphia version

I'd forgotten just how close Philadelphia is to New York.  It took exactly two hours to drive down there, a little longer to drive home because of the traffic.

Can I say how much I love EZ Pass?  Saves time and money!

I loved our hotel.  The Wyndham is right in the historic district.  We had a great room, with amenities including a coffeemaker, microwave and refrigerator, very convenient for a longer stay.  I enjoyed using the fitness center.  the on site parking was nice, the on site restaurant was merely adequate.

Happiness is a disposable shower cap that comes with a terry cloth ponytail holder.

We really packed a lot into our tourist weekend.  We never got a chance to do anything touristy during the week, the hospital stuff kept us very busy.  But just staying in the historic district, driving past the Liberty Bell every day, was an exciting change of pace.  I took photos with my point and shoot, Drew took photos with his phone, having left his very expensive toy  camera on the living room couch.

I brought my work laptop, but forgot my mouse, and had to find a Target so I could buy a new one. Didn't get as much work done as I would have liked.

There were three Dunkin' Donuts restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.  So, of course, the morning I was craving my French vanilla coffee,  I chose the Dunkin' Donuts on Market Street, right across from the federal courthouse -- my peeps!  I was in that courthouse more than once, back when I had business dealings in Philly.

Hoagies and heros and grinders and subs, oh my!  We did get cheese steaks one night, but somehow never had that other famous Philadelphia staple, the soft pretzel -- as I remember, the pretzels in Philly are a bit different from what we find in NYC.

It doesn't take much to make us happy sometimes.  On the way home, we stopped for lunch on the New Jersey Turnpike. We were excited to find Roy Rogers amoung the fast food offerings.  We no longer have Roy Rogers on Long Island.  Love their roast beef and fried chicken.

Yes, there was a lot of stress.  There's always stress when you're dealing with medical issues, and the reason we went to Philadelphia was because Drew's condition requires a specialist's specialist.  We spent five days at the hospital, Drew was put through a lot of tests. The doctor is recommending a new "cocktail" of medications for Drew, and if that doesn't work, there's a surgical solution.

So we will be heading back there in a few months.


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Liz A. said...

Sorry about Drew's medical problems, but nice that you two could have a bit of fun. Cool that those two cities are so close together.

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