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Friday, April 28, 2017

more this and that

Did you get to try the Starbucks unicorn?  I waited to long, I didn't get to Starbucks until the last day of the promotion.  The barista told me she had run out of the blue powder, the sour concoction that they were sprinkling on the whipped cream.  She still had a ton of the pink stuff, though, so she made me a vanilla frappucino and colored it pink.   Yummy, but a huge calorie bomb.  I won't be doing that again any time soon.

Pet peeve of the moment.  I work in a "green" building, which means that the owner has reserved two parking places  right near the main entrance for "hybrid vehicles".  I drive a Prius, so I can park in the reserved spot, presuming no other hybrid owner gets there before me.  The building management is doing extensive renovations right now, and they've placed a dumpster right near the door.  Yeah, right in the spots usually reserved for hybrid cars.  No fair!

Work has been very stressful.  New files, new responsibilities, hectic pace.  I'll manage.

I've been so preoccupied with Drew's medical issues that I forgot to worry about my own.  First, good news from the periodontist: I can go back to using my electric toothbrush, and I can start flossing again. Next, I had blood work done, my annual physical is next week.  And finally, the dermatologist removed a small cyst from my arm: I'm fine, but can't do any heavy lifting or upper body exercising (no yoga!) until the stitches come out.

Yeah, I'm really missing my yoga class.  Class was cancelled during Passover (it's at the JCC, after all) and I missed a class while we were in Philadelphia. And now I'm not permitted to go.  So I'll be getting my exercise by walking.  At least the weather is turning nicer, so I'll  be able to do some of that walking outside.  The beach is calling my name.

Sad news from Becca.  Her boyfriend broke up with her on Tuesday.  It was a long term and serious relationship.  She doesn't want to talk about it, but you can see the misery on her face.   Jen is a supportive sister -- when she heard what had happened, she jumped into her car and drove into the city to be with Becca.

They're going to Disney World together in a few weeks.  Becca  originally planned it as a "heart balm" trip for Jen, when she and her boyfriend broke up.  Jen and her boyfriend reconciled, but the girls decided to go on the trip anyway.  Sad irony, isn't it?

Sigh.  Wish I could go too...


Liz A. said...

I kept hearing about that stupid unicorn drink. Not even tempted. (I can't drink anything containing caffeine.)

Sorry about Becca. And you'll be doing yoga again in no time.

bookworm said...

I wasn't tempted at all, unicorn or anything else. I haven't been to a Starbucks in years. Calorie bombs, yes (I gained enough weight on my favorite drink before I knew better). If I just have a cup of coffee, it tastes like burnt beverage. Not my...uh, cup of coffee. Alana

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