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Sunday, April 5, 2015

eldercare revisited

So the rehab center has set a meeting for later this week to discuss Marvin's long-term situation.  They have decided that since Marvin is not incompetent, he will have input as to who attends this meeting -- that is, does he want Shelley to participate or should she be excluded?   The folks at rehab have noticed that Shelley has a lot of influence over Marvin's decision making, that he will often backtrack after speaking with her, change his mind about what he wants. 

Drew is convinced Marvin needs permanent placement in a nursing facility, preferably the veterans' facility where Drew's father spent his final days.  I don't have a voice in this discussion, but  tend to agree with Drew. 

In the meantime, my parents different is their situation?  They're both experiencing health issues, which is to be expected when you're talking about people in their 80's.  But they're in their own home, surrounded by family.  My sisters have become their primary caregivers. My sisters have learned practical nursing skills, they've become patient advocates when dealing with doctors, hospitals, etc. 

I think that's what upsets me most about Marvin's situation.  Until Drew intervened, Marvin had no one looking out for his interests.

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