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Monday, April 13, 2015

Candle in the Wind

Funny how music can bring you back to a time and place, how it can evoke strong memories, how it can tear at your emotions.

A song came on the radio the other day, one I had not heard in a long, long time.

In 1997, Elton John rewrote the lyrics of his classic hit, "Candle in the Wind", to honor the late Princess Diana, and he sang it at her funeral.  This version was later released as a single. 

The oldies stations tend to play the original, which was about Marilyn Monroe.  So I was caught off guard when, instead of the more familiar opening line,  "Goodbye Norma Jean", I heard Elton sing "Goodbye England's Rose..."

And I was transported back to 1997.  I remembered the news reports, the auto accident in Paris, the procession at the funeral, the two orphaned princes.  And the sadness I felt at Diana's passing welled up in me.  And I cried.

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