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Thursday, April 30, 2015


I am really loving Dig on the USA Network.  It's sort of like The DaVinci Code, a thriller involving ancient rituals, secret religious  societies, and conspiracy theories.

The protagonist is Peter Connelly (Jason Isaacs), an FBI agent assigned to the US Consulate inJerusalem His partner of sorts is Detective Golan Cohen (Ori Pfeffer) of the Israeli Police.  Anne Heche plays the role of Lynn Monahan, Connelly's boss.  Emma Wilson (Alison Sudol) is a young archeology student who stumbles upon a secret while working on a dig in Jerusalem.

The story revolves around ancient prophesies and Biblical treasures, and an attempt by religious extremists to change the course of human history.  It was filmed primarily in Jerusalem, and a lot of the dialogue is in Hebrew with English subtitles. 

I think my favorite character is Detective Cohen.  He's not what you might expect. 

10 episodes.  That's the entire season.  Tonight is episode 9, and the finale is next week.

I'm really enjoying this show, can't wait to see where the conspiracy goes.

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