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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wantable Accessories Box - November

Four items. The Celia Ring, the Alexandria Earrings, the Lucy Earrings and the Olivia necklace.


The Celia Ring. A gold adjustable ring with an oval criss cross design.

Maybe a bit overwhelming for my small hand. I told the stylist my hands are small...

The Lucy Earrings. Silver hoops with rhinestones.

Very nice.

The Alexandria Earrings. Gold multi hoop earrings,

Also nice.

The Olivia necklace. Gold chain with ombré effect of maroon, red and pink ribbon.

It really does make a statement, doesn't it? Not sure if it's a statement I want to make.

I really like both pair of earrings, but the ring and the necklace ... Not so much.

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