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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taco Perfectos

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A new taco place has arrived in Levittown -- Taco Perfectos. A storefront/counter service restaurant located in a shopping center, buried in the corner next to the Five Guys and the Dunkin Donuts, it's easily missed, but definitely worth finding.

They offer many types of tacos and burritos, including chicken, steak and seafood varieties. You can order yours enchilada style -- with a sauce -- if you prefer. Empanadas are available -- something You don't usually see at a taco place. Appetizers include fried cheese, nachos, jalapeƱo poppers and wings. Sides such as rice, beans, corn, and French fries are available.

We arrived close to closing time, and decided we should do take out.

The fried cheese appetizer was interesting. Thick slabs of cheese, double breaded and fried, were still gooey when we got home. Mildly flavored, the wedges are served with guacamole, sour cream and fresh tomato salsa.

The tortilla platter was very good. I ordered mine with steak -- tender pieces of meat served on a bed of lettuce. Tasty black beans topped with melted cheese. Fresh tomato salsa. Three soft and warm flour tortillas. The rice was a bit dry, maybe because it was the end of the night. But overall it was a satisfying dish.

We didn't order dessert -- we seldom do -- but I think next time I'd like to try something. Flan, perhaps, or tres leches, or maybe the sopapillas. It all sounds so good.

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