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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Au Bon Pain

When I worked in Jersey City, my go-to lunch place was Au Bon Pain. There weren't very many other options, and Au Bon Pain was in the lobby of the building where I worked.

Frankly I was getting a bit bored its Au Bon Pain. Then I changed jobs and started working in lower Manhattan.

I've walked by the Au Bon Pain on Fulton Street many times over the last few months, but until recently I wasn't motivated to go inside.

What brought me back?

After trying a Dunkin Donuts croissant donut, I had a craving for a Crobun.

Craving satisfied, barriers breached, and once again Au Bon Pain is back on my list of lunch spots.

This location has a large selling area at the front of the store, with tables in the back. It's well laid out, makes choosing food items very convenient. Free wifi is offered, or so I'm told, but I don't stay long enough to use that service.

Among my favorites are the soups, especially the chicken noodle, along with a soft, chewy breadstick. You can get a pre made salad or sandwich here, or have them prepare yours to order. They offer snack sized containers of cheese and crackers (I love the Brie) or hummus.

The other day I tried wheat berry Waldorf salad -- wheat berries, walnuts, apples, and cranberries in a citrus vinegarette, topped with arugula. Different. Interesting. Will likely be ordered again.

The macaroni and cheese is very rich and gooey. A little goes a long way -- I can't even finish a medium sized serving.

Most of the pastries are good. Except the cupcakes -- they tend to be dry and heavy.

Yes, lunch at Au Bon Pain.

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