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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Julep Box --November

So Julep tells you what's in your box before it ships, and you have an opportunity to swap items. I was going to cancel my Julep subscription because I really don't need that much nail polish. But I was able to swap out my nail polish for lip gloss and mascara, two item I use every day.

So I chose a lip gloss and selected a mascara.

And then I got the email.

Apparently the mascara wasn't ready to go when the boxes were put together. I'll get it eventually. As a consolation I was awarded 950 "Jules" -- reward points.

So when the box arrived, I knew what to expect. Just a lonely little lip gloss and two pieces of candy -- caramels. Still, it was a letdown.

Pretty color, though. And now I have enough Jules for a free box next month.

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