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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pancho Villa's

This restaurant has been in Huntington since forever. I've always enjoyed my meals here, but my most recent experience was less than satisfying.

There were two problems. The first issue was service.

We were a very large group, over 15 people, celebrating a special event. I don't think the waitstaff was adequately trained to handle a group this size. We did not arrive together, with some people arriving after others had already placed drink orders. So it's understandable that the waiter never asked me for my drink order, and that I had to flag him down to get my piƱa colada.

But what happened with the entrees was not so easily dismissed. The waitstaff arrived at our table with all but two of our entrees. (Bet you can't guess whose entree he didn't bring.). When to,d he was short by two, he had an extensive conversation with the other diner whose meal he forgot, went back into the kitchen, and came out with guessed it ... one dinner.. Then, without so much as an "I'm sorry" to me, he went to service another table.

So that's when I got up to look for the manager. It was only after I said something to the gentleman at the front desk that my meal was served. Totally unacceptable. And no one offered an apology, either.

And I wish I could say the meal was worth the wait, but sadly, I cannot.

I ordered two enchiladas with rice and beans. I usually order this dish with ground beef, but decided to try something new this time -- shredded beef. The beef was bland and flavorless. Not up to the usual standards of this place. The rest of the dish was fine, though.

This is a very traditional Mexican restaurant, with traditional decor and a pretty standard menu. You come here, rather than to some of the more modern and innovative Mexican places in Huntington and elsewhere, because you know what to expect. And when they don't deliver, it's disappointing. I'm sure I will be back eventually, but this time around was not a good experience.

A word about parking. The lot is very small, very crowded. If you want to avoid the nightmare, park in one of the municipal lots -- there are two within walking distance, and Huntington is a pretty town.

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