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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Five Guys

I've been enjoying Five Guys for awhile, but not at this location until last week.  

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Came around dinner hour, and it seemed kind of empty, even for a weeknight, despite the hustle and bustle in the shopping center parking lot.  But by the time I finished my meal and left, the crowd had picked up.

What I like about Five Guys is that they cook your burger to order.  This means you have to wait a bit, but you can enjoy noshing on the free peanuts.  (Yes, they do post allergy warnings at the door).

I ordered a "little" bacon cheeseburger -- that means one patty instead of two - with a small order of fries and a drink.  As always they filled up the fries cup to overflowing,  then added even more fries to the bag.    Burger was hot and juicy, fries were crispy outside, soft inside and had real potato taste.  Definitely enough food to satisfy.  And I do like the freestyle Coke machine.

Kudos to the staff here, they take an extra step to make the customer happy.  I was offered extra fries.  Another customer was unhappy with her burger, and they remade it. 

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