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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Times Square

I love Times Square!  I love the theater district!

We saw La Cage Aux Folles Thursday night.  Douglas Hodge and Kelsey Grammer are incredible in this show, it's very different from the production I saw in the 1980's and the revival I saw in 2004 -- less lavish, bawdier but just as bittersweet as the original.  and both stars were very gracious about signing autographs at the stage door.

Times Square on a thursday night -- not quite as crowded as New year's Eve, but very very full nevertheless.  And just as crowded at 11 PM (when the show was over) as it was at 6 PM when we went to dinner (Bubba Gump's we ordered shrimp, of course).

I love the corwds, I love the excitement.  the street vendors selling "I Love NY" t shirts and "designer" pocketbooks....the hot dog and shish kebab carts ....the guys handing out coupons for comedy clubs, restuarants and double deecker tour buses...street musicians and other performers (I've seen the Naked Cowboy once or twice, but usually I see people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty or Mickey Mouse)...the pedi cabs....the police officers posing with tourists....the neon lights and oversized advertisements ....

Favorite spots in Times Square...right in front of the Good Morning America studios you can watch ABC television on a HUGE screen...or get the news from the "zipper" that circles One Times Square (the New Year's Eve crystal ball is now on permanent display ont he roof!)...or shop in Sephora 24/7 (good to know if you have a make up mishap in the middle of the night)...go to the Hershey Store or the M & M Sotre or the new Pop Tarts store (I heard they make Pop Tarts "sushi" out of ground-up Pop tarts and Fruit Roll-ups).  There's a camera over the entrance to Forever21 and it's pointed at the street, so that you can see yourself on the huge screen over the store.

but here's the latest addition to Times Square, just in time for the 65th anniversayr of VJ Day:

I even took a close up of her shoe:

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