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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have never seen someone so happy... find out she has dandruff!

Now that it's over I can tell you....

Jen worked as a counselor at a day camp all summer.  the last day of camp was yesterday.

the last week of camp was marred by an outbreak of  [ewww] head lice.

Jen has long blonde hair.

The nurse at the camp saw "something" in that long blonde  hair and told Jen "you have lice."

you have never seen a young woman more upset.  she came home in tears.

there's a woman in this neighborhood who is medically trained in the removal of head lice.  Jen went to see her.

her verdict:  "you have a dry scalp....dandruff."

you have never seen someone go from distraught to ecstatic as fast as Jen.

so Jen spent the rest of the week doing preventative medicine.  special shampoo.  special hair spray.  wearing her hair in a bun.

who would have known dandruff was a reason to celebrate?

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