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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the final countdown

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Becca moves into her dorm in just two days.  In just two days she begins her life as a (semi) independent adult. 

She's actually moving in a few days early.  Her school solicited volunteers for various community srvice projects -- New York City is filled with such opportunity, and her school emphasizes "social justice" and education of the entire person.  she moves into her dorm Friday and participates in a service project Saturday.  On Sunday, when all the other freshmen will be moving into the dorm, the students who participated in the community services projects are invited to a brunch.  Orientation starts on Monday and classes start on Wednesday.

The other reward, of course, is that she gets to pick which bed, desk, dresser, etc. she wants....of the 8 girls living in her apartment, only one other  girl has volunteered for community service.

Yes, 8 girls in one apartment.  It's really meant for 7 girls, I think, but they've added an additional bed. the school guarantees housing for all four years of undergraduate education, and let's face it, in New York City most sutdents can't aford to move off campus and commuters are usually living with their parents.  It's got three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen, so it won't be too bad...I reminded Becca that Jen's freshman dorm was a traditional dorm, force tripled  (three girls in a  room originally designed for two) with the bathroom down the hall and shared by the entire floor.My freshman dorm was a suite -- three bedrooms, suite room and one bathroom, shared by 6 girls.  It's all part of the college experience.

It will be weird having Jen home and Becca away, I'm really used to having Jen away at school and Becca still at home.  In the overall scheme of things, Jen's college starts "late" -- her first day of classes isn't until September 8. She's liiving off campus this year, there are 5 of them renting a beach house about 20 minutes away from the school.  It's a 5 bedroom house.   The three girls have the upstairs bedrooms, the two guys have the rooms downstairs.  I must admit I had qualms about Jen moving off campus; although she's headed into her junior year, she's still only 19 years old.  But I've known since her orientation that the culture of her school ....well, there's very limited dorm space and there is a lot of affordable housing off campus, and most people move off campus by their junior year. 

Not to mention her choice of housemates....I am sure many parents would absolutely forbid their daughters frrom sharing a house with male classmates.  I am more than a bit nervous about the arrangements...but when she asked me,  I took a deep breath and co-signed her lease.

And my daughter has her act together, she handled the real estate broker, the lease, arranging for utilities, etc. like a pro.  I look at Jen sometimes and wonder who this competent and mature woman really is, and what did she do with my little girl? just a few short days my nest will begin to empty....

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