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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

an evening stroll

the other night we picked up some sandwiches at the deli and drove down to Jones Beach.  We got there around 7 PM, just under an hour before sunset.  
The last of the day crowd is leaving around then, and the evening crowd is starting to arrive. The beachcloses at sunset, and that's when the boardwalk comes alive.

this isn't a boardwak like Coney Island or down at the Jersey Shore, you know, with shlock shops and amusement rides and lots of differnet fast food places..  the boardwalk at Jones Beach is contained entirely within the state park and offers activities suitable to a park.  there's a bandshell and baseball fields and miniature golf and shuffleboard and paddleball and a playground and...well, you get the idea.  and some people just like to walk  and look out at the ocean.

we parked near Central Mall and ate our sandwiches while sitting on a bench near the bandshell -- the show tonight was a Motown tribute band.  watched the sun set.  after we ate we took a long walk.  the evening was cool but not cold.  a little overcast, so we didn't see stars. 

as we walked back to the car we past a guy playing tow different guitars at the same time.  and anotheer guy playing just the one guitar, but positioned under an underpass (you have to cross under the highway to get to the parking lot) with incredible acoustics.

a lovely, mellow evening. 

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Joyce-Anne said...

We were just at the boardwalk at Jones last Saturday night. I think we say the same guitar players! :) It's a great evening activity whether have young children or if you're an "empty nester".

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