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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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phantom: a college-age daughter with a job, a social life and a car.

I mean, I rarely see my kids these days! They flit in and out of the to work, off to shop, off the hang out with friends. It's like the house is just a pit stop as they race around, enjoying the freedom of driving, enjoying the relative freedom of summer vacation.

I've long since gotten used to Jen leaving the house at 10 PM. we've had many discussions about what time is a reasonable curfew on a week night (not that I can impose a "curfew" on a college student, it's more a matter of respect for a mother who can't sleep until the kids are all home and has to go to work in the morning).

But now Becca is 18, and suddenly she's staying out late too.

I suppose I should just go with the a few short weeks both girls will head off to college...

But can you blame me for wanting my children to stay home a bit more until then?

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