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Friday, May 21, 2010

fashion show!!!

Tonight the auditorium of Becca's high school turned into a reasonable facsimile of Bryant Park during fashion week.

The art club held its annual fashion show, proceeds to benefit a worthy nonprofit (this year that meant a literacy program).

the theme this year was Grimm's Fairy Tales -- the authentic stuff, not the sanitized Disney versions.  Dark and mysterious.

Most of the designers created clothes, but one young lady created an entire jewelry collection.  She had her models act out an entire skit with a fairy tale theme -- and she cast Becca as the Evil Queen (type casting?).  Betsey Johnson loaned her a strapless black dress.

Rebecca rocked the runway (where have I heard that before?  oh, yeah, that was the theme for her bat mitzvah party....)

of course, I forgot my camera and video camera, and had to rely on my cell phone to capture the moment -- forgive the poor quality....

Here's a shot of the models and designers before the show -- that's Becca in the front row in the little black dress.

and Becca on  the catwalk

here's a posed shot:

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