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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

the makeover's amazing to see the transformations.  and the guest star...Ashanti.

and then the challenge.  climb the ladder over the water and don't fall off...easy.  winner gets a one pound advantage.  first player to fall into the water gets a one pound disadvantage.

Ashley is the first one to hit the water...after only 3 minutes.  Everyone else is much's finally down to the gray team and Daris,,,

Sam's out, it's Koli or Daris,,,and after 2 1/2 hours it's Koli.

time for the last chance workout.

and then the weigh-in.

Koli first, he's got a one pound advantage....15 pounds!  even before the advantage that's formidable.

Michael's up next...9 pounds...might not be enough.

Daris gets on the scale next...he needs more than 13 pounds to be safe....he lost 9 pounds.

and Koli is safe.

Sunshine goes up to the scale.  she needs more than 7 pounds....she gets nine!!!!!

Sam needs more than 10 pounds....he lost 2.  he's below the yellow line...but he looks good! 

and finally it's Ashley's turn.  because of the one pound disadvantage she needs more than 7 pounds....she lost 10!!!  she holds the reocrd for the most weight lost by a woman on the ranch.

so it;s Sam and Michael who fall below the yellow line.  it's Michael's worst nightmare.

it's a tie, which means the person with the lowest percent of weight loss is the one to go home.

so Sam is the one to go home.

but he reached his goal weight on the ranch!!!!

and found love on the ranch too....with Stephanie!  he's happy!

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