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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

 first, me....

haven't been following program, haven't gone to a weight watchers meeting in ages.  starting to feel gross and uncomfortable, maybe I should start eating healthier and possibly doing workouts...  did you realize how much merchandise the show  generates?  maybe it's time to buy something inspirational.

and the show....

We are coming close to the end now. It's the last week on the ranch; this week there won't be a yellow line.  Instead there will be a red line, the player who falls below it will automatically go home.  and then we will know the final four.

Then we meet past winners Helen and Eric.  OMG, Eric gained back almost all the weight he lost!

Michael is having a hard time...he's still extremely overweight even with the huge weight loss on the ranch and it's hard for him....

it's the "put the weight back on" challenge.  it's a $10,000 challenge.

Daris wins.  and trades his winnings for a one-pound advantage at the weigh in.

then Bob took them shopping for clothes...with Tony Romo.  they are inspired by a pro athlete.

they all get to see what they looked like when they first came to the ranch...

this week is a lot of filler, isn't it?  the trip to Subway ....pure product placement.  then the meeting with the doctor to see where they are.

last chance workout time...push it to the limit.

weigh-in time.

the person with the highest percentage of weight loss will get a visit from chef Curtis Stone.  the one with the lowest will fall below the red line and go home.

Michael is up first.  he's lost 12 pounds.  a new record for overall weight loss!  his mood is so different  than it was earlier.

Koli is up next.  he needs 8 pounds to beat Michael and be safe...he lost 13.  he's in the final four.

Daris gets on the scale next.  he needs more than 6 pounds....he lost 10....

and he has a one pound advantage...welcome to the final four...

Ashley is nervous, can she keep up with the boys?    she needs more than 8 pounds...she lost 7. but  she set the record for most weight loss by a woman on campus!

and Michael makes the final four.

and the last one on the scale is Sunshine.    she needs more than 5 pounds to beat Ashely and make the final four.

it's very tense....

but she lost only two pounds.  she's below the red line, and Ashley makes the final four.

and Sunshine is in tears...but she's so proud of what she's done.  and she gets to throw out the  first pitch at a Twins game.

the preview for next week....

the final four go home for 30 days and come back to the ranch for a final weigh in...and someone actually gains weight and sabotages themselves?

"must see TV" indeed.


Joyce-Anne said...

So, I was wondering...are you ever tempted to eat ice cream or cookiess during the show? Because I am. How bad is that?

songbird's crazy world said...

I know, it's a horrible feeling....but I do like to nosh...when I was "on target' with weight watchers, I'd exercise during the show to get away from the craving....

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