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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Broadway geek story

Once Upon a Mattress is a nice musical comedy based on the fairy tale "the Princess and the Pea", but with a few risque twists.  Main characters are Princess Winifred, Prince Dauntless, King Sextimus, Queen Aggravaine, Sir Harry and Lady Larken.

Originally done in the 1950's, the show was revived on Broadway in 1996. Sarah Jessica Parker played Winifred in the revival.

My sisters and I saw the production during previews, before opening night.  Loved the show. 

After the show opened, we got a mail-in offer from Theater Development Fund for discount tickets, and decided to take the girls.  (At the time Jen was about 6 years old and Becca was 4; they were experienced Broadway veterans,   they'd already seen Beauty and the Beast.) With TDF, you picked two or three days on which you wanted to see the show,   and they pick the performance and  the seats.

We got very lucky, we got a group of seats in the very front row of the theater!!

And then my sisters mentioned that the actor playing Sir Harry was a friend of theirs from college.  So after the show, we went to the stage door, and my sister told the security guard to ask Sir Harry to come out...he brought all of the principals, including Sarah Jessica Parker....who took one look at my girls and said "You two were sitting int he front row, I could see you the whole time I was on stage!" 

to be honest, I don't know if that was true, or if she said it because Sir harry mentioned it. 

either way, it was wonderful.  she was soooo  gracious.

so I felt I should share a f youtube finds-- Sarah Jessica Parker as Princess Winifred:

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