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Thursday, January 14, 2010

very concerned

Right now I'm worrying about Drew's father.

Drew's parents retired to Florida in 1990, just a few weeks after Jen was born.  Drew's mother passed away in 1994.  About 2-3 years ago, Emil became ill and wound up in the hospital, followed by a stint in a rehabilitative facility.  The social worker determined he could nto return to his house, and he moved into an assisted living facility.  Since then it's been a cycle -- injury or illness, hospital, rehab, back to the facility.

So the other day, when Drew got a phone call from the facility explaining that emil had taken another bad fall, he expected the pattern to repeat itself.

But not this time.  Emil is no longer able to live in assisted living, now he needs a nursing home.  so now Drew is scrambling to find placement for his father.

and I am wondering....Emil lives in the Ft. Myers area...maybe we should fly to Ft. Myers a day or so before our cruise, check up on him, see how he's doing, then rent a car and drive to Miami for the cruise.


Suzanne said...

I would. After witnessing what happened with Ed's mom, it seems like a parent functions really well with minimal assistance and then something like this just changes the quality of life drastically.

Hugs to you and Drew. It is not an easy situation to be in-especially from 1300 miles away.

songbird's crazy world said...

I think Drew plans to take a separate trip...he's got to close up Emil's apartment in the assisted living facility and there are things he wants to take back to NY...

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