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Sunday, January 31, 2010

a minor miracle

You've alread met the Princess Daisy:

I'd like you to meet Mr. Kitty:

We got Daisy first, a friend of my mother had too many cats in her apartment and needed to get rid of some kittens.

Mr. Kitty adopted us. He was abandoned at the age of 4 weeks at a pond about 1/2 a mile from my house. He showed up in our back yard one day. At first we thought it was Daisy, because his markings are similar to hers, and at the time he was smaller than she is.

You won't make that mistake now. Daisy weighs all of 6 pounds, Mr. Kitty must weigh at least 20.

His favorite activity is chasing Daisy. Really, he won't leave her alone. and all he wants to do is eat from her food bowl, he won't allow her to eat undisturbed. He's truly a pesky little brother.

So when I saw them today, I couldn't believe it:

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