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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

No weight watchers meeting this week, I wasn't at work. instead, I was poked and prodded by various members of the medical profession -- my arm felt like a pincushion.

but I did an informal weigh in at the gym (yes, I've been going to the gym) and was pleased with the results.

As for the show....

It starts with the blue and yellow teams and their at-home challenge.  Blue team is working hard at home, but so is yellow team.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

The teacher/student concept -- each team will be represented by one player on the scale.   The teachers will work with the trainers, then teach the students what they've learned.  the students will weigh in.  Stephanie and John are paired up, each is the sole representative of their team due to eliminations.  The temptation -- chocolate candy.  5 calories per piece, but who wants to start eating chocolate?  If you don't eat you're out of the competition.  Competition is over after 2 pieces of candy, a mere 10 calories.  Pink team chooses who will be the teachers and who will be the students.  and they are not happy with having to make those decisions.

Jillian says Migdalia has a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas....Migdalia is sulking and upset....bob suggests Jillian act mean...Jillian thinks Migdalia will walk out if she does....Jillian yells at her about her 9 year old daughter ....Migdalia threatens to quit.  ..Jillian has to give pep talks to mother and daughter.  Jillian asks Bob to "close the deal" to keep her on campus.  And he succeeds...but then gets an argument from Miggy.

 Cut to Houston and the blue team  -- It was nice to see Cherita succeed on a bike after her bad experience with it on the ranch.  And then to Minneapolis and the yellow team...

I didn't realize there was a trainer's room for "repairs"!

The cooking lesson was fun.

I'm glad Kat McPhee is involved in the pound for pound challenge... but blonde hair?

The student/teacher challenge.  Unravel your problems?  The teacher will unwind ribbon through the playground. they're told that another color team will unravel their ribbon.    The first student to unravel their ribbon wins.  The reward will be immunity at the weigh-in. The twist is the students will be blindfolded and have to unravel their own color ribbon.   Teachers have to talk their students through the playground.  Red team -- Lance is  a commercial diver, I think he's got a clear advantage working in the dark.   Pink team has serious problems.  Gray is right behind red....And gray team overtakes red and wins immunity!!!

Gray also has the option to switch teacher and student on one team for weigh-in.

Bob gives the teachers a last chance workout, and the teachers have to give their students a workout. Jillian hopes the teachers have taught the students everything she told them to say.

then we see the students doing their workout.  for the most part, they will be the ones whose weight "counts".

and finally, weigh-in time.

Gray team chooses to switch  the white team -- they don't think Michael is working hard enough.

Gray team weighs in, and both have done well.

Green team is up first.  Miggy's weight is the one that counts.  She lost 7 pounds.

Black is up next.  Darrell needs to have lost more than 11 pounds, and he does -- they're safe.

Orange team -- Daris is scared.  He needs to have lost more than 9 pounds.  He lost 9 pounds exactly, not enough to beat the green team.

John and Stephanie are up next, and it's John's weight that will count.  He lost 14 pounds, and they are safe.

Red team is next.  Lance needs to have lost more than 9 pounds.  He lost 12, and red team is safe.  But Melissa's weight loss...she lost 1 pound...Jillian takes her to task about game playing.  And then Bob yells at her too about lying.

Orange keeps dropping lower as eveyone else weighs in.

then it's time for white team to weigh in.  Michael feels he has something to prove because of what gray team said.  He needs to have lost more than 13 pounds.  He lost 10. Orange team is safe.

The last team to weigh in is the pink team.  Ashley needs to have lost more than 7 pounds to stay safe.  And she lost 12!!!!!  Pink is safe.

White has fallen below the yellow line.

Maria pleads for Michael to stay on the ranch and for the others to push him....

...but a lot of the others don't think he's been working hard enough and don't think he should stay.

And the voting begins....and most of the teams honor Maria's wishes.  she's going home.

she looks good now, and she's proud she beat her fear of water -- she's learning how to swim!

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Joyce-Anne said...

I don't like Melissa, can't wait until she's gone.

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