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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

OK, I'm back in the swing of weigh-in I .lost 2.2 pounds.  etools prompted me to re-evaluate my points target, and guess what?  I'm in a different category, I get fewer points now.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  LOL

Working out now, I took a long walk in my neighborhood on Saturday -- up and down hill. Made it to the Y on Sunday, 45 minutes in the pool followed by a 30 minute walk on the track.

As for the's the week 2 curse.  The show starts with a painful workout, Jillian doling out sympathy and hope along with pain....

Dr. H  shows up to deliver the bad news about the contestants' health.  Oy.  Dr. H has tasks for each of them.  Each task is tailored to the team's needs.  That's something new.  the idea is to let them know how unhealthy they are and how they need to change.  Jillian looked sick when eating the orange team's meals for the day.

The first challenge -- a balance beam over the pool.  They have to carry beach balls across the pool.  One team will win immunity, one team will wind up with a 2 pound penalty.  My worst nightmare!  Even when I was thin (back in junior high)  I could not do the balance beam in gym class.  I'd stand there in fear -- managed to walk it while olding onto the gym teacher, but that's about it.

I feel bad for Patti, she is a diabetic and has neuropathy in her feet --- I know from personal experience how that feels, I had neuropathy when I was going through chemo.  

Red team wins immunity.  Black team is a close second.  Purple finishes the task, even with Patti's numb feet.  It comes down to white team vs. brown team, and Maria is having a panic attack because of the water.. She  takes a really bad fall and hurts herself.  I'm crying as I watch her get into the ambulance, her son comforting her.  Losing the challenge and earning the 2 pound penalty  is adding insult to injury -- literally.

Jillian wants to work with Maria to overcome her fears, and makes her go into the pool.  Wow, she can be paitient.

the second hour of the show, and Dr. H is back with more scary medical news.  They all have ailments related to their weight, but the worst is 27 year old Ashley  -- she  is a diabetic already.

the it's the last chance workout.  Loved Darrell's comment that it's legalized torture.

weigh-in and the red team goes first.  good thing they have immunity, Melissa actually gained a pound.

next is gray team, they do well.  pink team is happy with their results, Sherry is positively giddy over dropping below 200.  they move ahead of gray.  so does green.

then purple.  is up...and in tears because they didn't do well.  they fall below gray.

orange team is up....and they move past purple.

brown needs to have lost more than 6 pounds to stay safe, and John comes through with a 10 pound weight loss.

black team comes up.  they need to have lost more than 10 pounds to be safe.  Success!!!

last is the white team.  they have a 2 pound penalty, so the weigh-in is especially scary for them.  they need to have lost more than 13 pounds to be safe.  they lost 21 pounds, so even with the penalty they are more than safe.

and purple fals below the yellow line.  so it's either Patti or her daughter Stephanie who goes home.  Patti says she wants to go home and let Stephanie stay on the ranch.  the voting is predictable.  Patti goes home.  she lost 43 pounds at home, not bad at all!!!!    and Dr. H has good news for her, too -- her blood pressure and diabetes are much better controlled.

next week looks interesting, too.

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Joyce-Anne said...

Congratulations on your 2.2 pounds lost!

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