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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

20 minutes before my 1st Weight Watchers meeting of the year...a co-worker is taken away by ambulance after experiencing chest pains. A real "scared straight" moment.

first meeting of the year -- since we're an "at work" meeting, it's time to reorganize. old members (like me) get to weigh in....and see just how much I've gained over the holidays. groan, more weight to lose.

I joined the Pound for Pound challenge. and started going to the gym again.  mostly I'm walking around the track, but on sunday I actually ventured into the pool.

as for the season is a couples version of the show -- parents and kids, married couple, siblings, cousins. starts with 11 teams finding out what their team color is. then, weighing in -- in front of their friends and family, in their home towns. it's an act of courage to actually get onto the scale.

James and John, the two young men from Orlando, call themselves "the half-ton twins"? but yes, they are identical twins.

Cherita is a breast cancer survivor -- man, can I relate to that!

When Sunshine began to cry on the scale after weighing in, so did I.

then it's on to the ranch. and the first challenge is to ride 26.2 miles on a bike -- a marathon on day one. but it's not individual milage, it's a combination of the miles done by both team memebers. only 9 of the 11 teams will make it into the house, the two teams that come in last will be leaving. and the team that wins will have immunity at this week's weigh-in.

it looks PAINFUL!!!!!

Green team -- Miggy and Migdalia -- the mother and daughter -- win immunity.

blue team -- another mother daughter combo -- Cherita keeps pushing herself, even after the medics say to slow down, until she collapses in pain...the doctor had to pull her off the bike, and she doesn't want to stop. Her daughter Vicky keeps going!!!

Blue and yellow are the bottom two -- Sunshine and O'Neal and Vicky and Cherita have to say goodbye.But there's a surprise!!! Bob and Jillian stop their limo....

they have to go home for 30 days, but will be back ....and the team with the most weight loss will be back on the ranch. and Jillian and Bob will help them.

meanwhile, back at the ranch, the 9 teams have settled in....the first day begins with a fire alarm!!! And the Day One workout begins. torture and screaming and pain....

We get a little background on each contestant, why they're trying to lose weight. It's heartwrenching.

gthen it's the last chance workout....Jillian urges the ladies to be warriors. that seems to be here theme this time around.

and then it's time for the first weigh in. one team will fall below the yellow line, and one player from that team will go home.

green team has immunity, so they weigh in first. they both do very well.

next is gray team....amazing results. orange team weighs in and takes the lead, ahead of gray. black team moves ahead of gray. brown team -- the heaviest team -- each twin loses 23 pounds, but not enough to pass the gray team. gray is now safe. red team needs 28 pounds to beat brown, and they do! Purple team weighs in, and Patti's weight loss is the most of any woman ever in week one -- they move to first place. Pink team -- they are amazed at the amoount of weight they've lost.

each member of the white team will weigh in separately. it comes down to Michael...who weighs over 500 pounds....has lost more in week one than any other player in history!

and the brown team -- the identical twins -- fall below the yellow line. how do you choose between idsentical twins? James can take off work and focus on himself, John cannot. James has knee problems, John does not. Who needs to be on campus more? they each lost 23 pounds....

The voting....and James is going home.

but WOW!!!! He lost 100 pounds in 2 months, just working out at home!!!!

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Joyce-Anne said...

I'm excited for this season. Can't wait to see what happens tonight.

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