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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

college road trip season

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Becca and I will soon be doing another round of .....the college road trip.

It feels like I've been doing the college road trip thing forever!!!!

My girls are two years apart in age. Jen is currently a college sophomore and Becca is a high school senior.

My life on the road began during Jen's senior year in high school. Prior to her senior year Jen had no desire whatsoever to even discuss her college plans, let alone actually visit a college.

But when senior year hit...we packed our bags and off we went. At first I it was overwhelming...most of the other students had begun to look at colleges in their junior year, and we were playing catch up. I am a college graduate, but it's been many years since I was a student, and I felt a little bit like a fish out of water....until I began to realize that most of the changes colleges have made are in the details, the overall experience isn't that much different from when I went to school

The pre-application visit -- your tour of the college begins with an "information session", where the admissions counselor discuss the admisssion process, the academic standards, student life. Then you get to hear from some students, how much they love their school. And last, you take a walkign tour of the campus, where the student guide fills you in on everything you care to know about the college. Jen and I took a few of these tours, saw some interesting campuses.

The second round of tours comes after the applications have been submitted, after the decision letters are mailed. Now you've been accepted to a few school and want to choose which one to attend. The information is more specific, the tours are more detailed.

Jen narrowed down her choices to two schools, both in New england, and we visited both campuses at least 2-3 times before she made her final decision.

the day after we moved Jen into her freshman dorm, Becca announced "it's my turn."

So last year, during February break, Becca and I did a whirlwind tour of colleges -- five campuses in 4 days (though one didn't really count, it was Jen's school and Becca didn't take an official tour). I saw a few that I really loved, schools that I would have liked to have attended. In April Becca's father took her to see another 4 schools. and in the fall, each of us took Becca on a weekend trip to look at colleges.

So I've spent the last 2 1/2 years scouting out college campuses....and I'm not done yet.

because soon, very soon, the acceptance letters should start to arrive...and we will be on the road once more.

I'd better make sure my suitcase is packed.

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