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Friday, January 22, 2010

alas, poor iPod....

songbird is bereft. she is inconsolable. she is in deep, dark mourning.

songbird has lost her iPod.

Have you seen my baby?  It looked just like this:

3rd generation Nano, the square ones with the great screen for video.  when last seen, my baby was wearing a pink leather case and black earbuds.

songbird without music is ...inconcieveable. it's tragic. it is a crime against nature.

It must have happened at the gym. Took the nano with me last Sunday, used it while I walked laps around the track. (I loaded it with tons of Jimmy Buffett, I want to get ready for the cruise....can you believe we sail in 24 days?). after my walk I went back to the locker room to retrieve my things. I thought I put the nano back in my gym bag, but when I went to the gym again on Monday, the nano was not in my bag.   I asked at the lost and found, but without success.

I am not totally without tunes, of course.  My cell phone -- a Voyager -- is loaded with music thanks to Verizon's music programs, but I don't like to listen too long because it runs down the battery and I might actually need to make a call.  And the minicamcorder has an MP3 player -- if I can ever figure out how to load it.

but I really, really, really love iPods.

so now comes decision time.

the new Nano has features that mine didn't have -- FM radio and a video camera.  I don't need the camera, I've got my minicamcorder, but the FM radio would be nice.

the classic is...well, classic.  no fancy features, but enough storage space to hold ....well, A LOT of music.

but....the iTouch....more features than I could list ....touch screen, wifi, apps, games....  but WAY expensive....


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