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Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm lucky I didn't burn down the house!!!!

I am an idiot.

The saga of the missing iPod has ended, my nano has been found.

I thought I'd lost the nano two weeks ago, at the gym.  thought I'd left it on the bench in the locker room.

I was wrong.

You are not going to believe what REALLY happened.

The nano wound up in the laundry hamper, along with my dirty t-shirt and shorts.

which I did not realize until this morning.

yes, this morning. almost two weeks later.

when I took a load of laundry out of the dryer and found the nano.

yes, in the dryer. 

I'm lucky the battery didn't explode or cause a fire.

there are 6 people living in my house -- 7 when Jen is home from college.  My mom does laundry for herself and my dad.  My two younger sisters do their own laundry, and usually do Becca's as well.  Jen does her own laundry when she's home.  The only laundry I have to do is my own, so sometimes it piles up.  and I was in a hurry last night (I was running out of things to wear), and didn't sort through the clothes before I threw them into the washing machine.

so the iPod was washed and dried last night.

And it still works!

at first it wouldn't turn on, but when I plugged it into the wall charger -- music. the battery is completely dead though.  and the ear buds are goners.

I suppose I could get a replacement battery.  too expensive to do it at Apple (if you go to the genius bar with a fried battery, they'll give you an exhorbitant price to replace the battery and then encourage you to recycle the old iPod in exchange for a discount on a new one).  I can probably get a new battery for a reasonable price on the internet -- I bought one for my iPod mini but couldn't install it (I'm all thumbs), which is how I wound up with the nano in the first place.  but Drew -- and his best friend Marc -- are technologically "gifted", and one of them would surely be able to replace the battery in the nano.


If I'd been a  better housekeeper, I would have found the nano days ago.  I wouldn't have fried my mini camcorder by overloading it with MP3 files, I wouldn't have destroyed the nano's battery.

and I wouldn't have my iTouch.


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Suzanne said...

We have a local place that sells iPod batteries if you can't find them online.

I'm with you on the 'sigh'!

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