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Thursday, January 7, 2010


 It was a long-running musical in London and New York.  It was a long-running joke in Forbidden Broadway performances and  on TV.

Even now, years after the show closed, when I walk past the Wintergarden Theater, I expect to see this on the marquis:


 It was one of my favorite musicals of the 1980's.  I saw the show at least 3 times, bought the cast album from London as well as the one  from New York, memorized all the words.  One Halloween I dressed as a cat because I was inspired by the show.  I even named my black cat "Mr. Mistoffeles".

So, for your listening pleasure today, I present the opening number from Cats.

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Joyce-Anne said...

Cats was the first musical I saw on Broadway and I still love that show.

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