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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I want my pillow back!!!!

My cat  The Princess Daisy has taken over my bed. 

When I come home from work and head upstairs to my room, there she is...all six pounds of her...curled up in the very middle of the bed.  She may open one eye, as if to say "oh, it's you," before going back to sleep. 

But the real joy comes when I try to share the bed with her.  Yes, she actually lets me sleep in "my" bed at night.  You would think such a small cat wouldn't take up much room.  You'd be wrong.

Hwer favorite spot seems to be right in the middle of the bed.  If she's there when I want to go to sleep, it takes much negotiation for her to move over and let me lie down.  Inevitably she will either (1) sit on my chest and stater at me imperiously for having displaced her, or she will crawl under the covers and "knead" the sheets (and perhaps my leg...ouch!)

If, by some chance, the cat isn't around when I get into bed, she's likely to show up after I've fallen asleep.  I know that when I go to sleep my head in on the pillow...but when I wake up, the pillow is occupied by six pounds of sleeping feline, and there's no room for me!  And do you know what it's like to have your cat sneeze on you from high atop your pillow?

She's royalty and she knows it.

but that's why I love her.

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